E-voting: possibilities and challenges for its implementation in Mexico

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E-voting: possibilities and challenges for its implementation in Mexico

Technological advances have brought with them multiple changes, particularly because information systems are more inclusive, reaching any part of the world. The use of the Internet has boosted the flow of information on a large scale to levels never seen before. Democracy is no stranger to these changes, since the new technologies force to modernize and innovate the form of citizen participation in elections, opening the possibility that the vote can also be cast electronically.

The National Electoral Institute, through the Electoral Organization Commission, will be held this Forum with the objective to analyse the feasibility  of the implementation of the electronic voting in Mexican Federal Electoral Process.  Its aim, from a comparative perspective,  is to identify the modalities for its application in order to increase efficiency  and citizen participation in elections.

To this end, dialogue sessions will be held in which national and international specialists will contribute elements to strengthen and enrich the analysis and feasibility of implementation in Mexico.

Date: August 16 to 19, 2022.
Time: 10:00 (Mexico Time)

Date: From 16 to 19 August 2022.

Tuesday, August 16
Session 1. Electronic voting. Modalities of its application.

Wednesday, August 17
Session 2. Electronic voting and computer security.
Session 3. Electronic voting legislation.

Session 4. International experiences on electronic voting.
Session 5. Implementation of electronic voting in Latin America.

Friday, August 19
Session 6. Electronic voting mechanisms in Mexico.
Session 7. Implementation of electronic voting: perspectives of national political parties.