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Summit for Electoral Democracy

Publicado el: 13 de mayo de 2022
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Democracy is undergoing tumultuous and complex times with multiple risks, which have been perceived in the last reports on democracy and liberties in the world (Global State of Democracy Report by International IDEA and Freedom House). These reports raise concerns and set a warning to strengthen electoral authorities within democratic processes.

We see with great concern that electoral democracy is being affected by those democratically elected governments which have imprinted their issues and failures when it comes to meeting the needs of the people. There is a clear disenchantment with democracy, which results into apathy. This is particularly dangerous because it fosters the advancement of populist rhetoric.

This second edition  of the Summit is looking for the analysis of the main challenges that face the electoral managemente bodies. Combating misinformation is not just a duty for campaigns or elections. Electoral authorities must have ongoing plans in place to deal with and counteract false news. They should even have a specialist group to identify and respond to them as soon as feasible. And perhaps be accompanied by other election participants.

2023 Summit for Electoral Democracy

As part of this global initiative promoted by International IDEA, the Centre for Electoral Assistance and Promotion (CAPEL), Organization of American States (OAS),  International Foundation of Electoral Systems (IFES), Venice Commission, National Electoral Institute, the second edition of this Summit will take place in Mexico City,  from December 4-6. 

We invite to follow the Global Summit.

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